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School Collection
School Collection
School Collection
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School Collection
School Collection
School Collection
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School Collection
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School Collection
School Collection
School Collection

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School Collection

School Mask

It's back to school for our little and not so little ones. Its is up to us to ensure that their days are spent in safety. We have carefully curated a range of unisex masks for kids of all ages in 3 uniform colours. Black, Navy and Grey. Designed for maximum comfort, easy to use and barrier. 

Each mask has an outer layer and inner layer of fabric plus a middle/filter layer. 

  • Outer layer being Maserati fabric which is light weight and washes well, perfect for every day wear.
  • Inner layer being Trilobal woven fabric which is perfect for activewear such as jogging suits and outerwear shells for anoraks, jackets and coats. It is very lightweight, tightly woven and has a subtle shimmer and crinkle texture
  • Filter/middle layer is lined with Spunbound material. This layer is used to enhance the barrier function. 

Mask are sold in packs of two.This ensures you have one to wash and one to wear. 

  • 30 GSM 2 PLY Spunbound filter
  • Double Layer Fabric 
  • Black Elastic 
  • Toggle for adjustment 
  • Breathable 
  • Washable 
  • Durable 

3 Sizes:

Small - 4 to 7 years

Medium - 8 to 14 years

Large - 15 to 19 years 

Elastic Style:

Around the head with toggle.

All-in-one elastic band that wraps around the back of the neck and the middle to top of the head.This allows for maximum comfort and a snug fit.The toggle allows for adjustment of elastic. 


  • Hand Wash Daily 
  • Warm water with mild detergent
  • Avoid placing items in a dryer
  • Iron on low heat 



Note that our masks are not medical devices or personal protective equipment (PPE).

  • They do not constitute medical PPE nor are they are a replacement for normal precautionary hygienic measures such as handwashing, not touching one’s face, coughing or sneezing into a tissue or elbow and keeping a proper social distance of 1,5m from other people.
  • The wearer should ensure the masks have been appropriately washed and disinfected before use.
  • Children should be supervised at all times when using a cloth mask, and they are not recommended for infants who may struggle to breathe with a mask or even choke if they put parts in their mouths.